To Dad and to Someone in Memory – English Translation

This is the english translation for the sequel of Kimi no suizou wo tabetai, a short original story written by Sumino Yoru.
It was given for free to people who went to the theaters in japan to see the movie.
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父と追憶の誰かに – 住野よる
To Dad and to Someone in Memory – Sumino Yoru

I hate my own averageness. Average does not mean the same thing as normal.

Average home environment, average school life, average sports abilities, average learning capacity, average appearance, average taste in food.

As an average member of society myself, I also use the word “average” with the same meaning as “boring”.

That’s why, the next day after an average fight with my family, when I found out by chance that my father may be having an affair; while it’s true that I was shocked, behind that I ended up getting excited. At last, something that’s not average might be falling into my life. The next day, I enthusiastically called my childhood friend to a cafe near a station I don’t usually go to, as a necessary disguise.

“I’m sure you’re misunderstanding things, Fuyu.” Said Anzu with those spring-colored lips that match her name.

“Well, I also wonder what part of that old man is attractive, but he does what he does.”

“Ah, is that so.”

Anzu said seemingly uninterested, while sipping her iced latte and dropped her eyes to her book. Nonetheless, she was wearing a hat and some fake glasses that she doesn’t normally wear, completing a perfect disguise.

It’s exactly this part of her, being a hard-to-read, mysterious, and non-average person, which makes her secretly popular. Even though I know as her childhood friend that she’s just too good at letting go, simply the fact of being able to do that so lightly makes her non-average and me jealous. On top of that, she’s quite a bit cuter than average. How jealous.

“I was just happy to reunite with you, so I came.”

“Even though I went to your house the day before yesterday.”

“So, why do you think that your dad is having an affair?”

I slightly raised the brim of my cap “Hmmm…” I hesitated, thinking how I should explain it to convince Anzu. But after all, to a laid-back Anzu, a laid-back explanation should do, so I stopped thinking too much.


Anzu inhaled.

“Even if your intuition tells you, as someone who always hangs around scummy people, that your dad is having an affair, I don’t think I can trust it, especially since there’s no way you would notice if you’re always hanging around scummy people, so I wish you would repay me for calling me out in such hot weather.”

“You’re just wasting oxygen with such a long line. And they’re not scummy people, they’re just free spirits.”

“Free spirits are scummy people, and the one who says it is something close.”

Anzu uses to accurately read other people’s hearts with a laid-back face. This makes her a bad person. I know many people who picked a fight with her and got their hearts broken off. Anyways, it’s not like I’m always beside her for appearance’s sake.

“But, well… if the boy you were going out with tells you that it’s bothersome how you pay too much attention to the time and that you behave like a teacher’s child, I would understand if you, the abandoned Anzu, wanted to give him a hard time…”

“I’ll kill you you fathercon.”

We minced each other, until we got tired of it.

“For Fuyu’s intuition, is there any meaning in wasting a whole day of summer vacation?”

Yes, it is now summer vacation. A precious day of summer vacation for us JK’s.

“Well, I think this has more influence in reality than playing life games in Anzu’s room.”

“If my family collapses, please adopt me into Anzu’s family.”

“Seriously, don’t do that, my parents would really accept. I want to remain a single child and grow up being spoiled.”

“Then, just help me ascertain dad’s affair and make him stop before mom finds out. Then, after knowing his weak point, I can freely make use of it whenever we get into a fight.”

“So you got yelled at again?”

“We got into a fight, it’s really sickening.”

“I believe it’s just a waste of time though.”

In the end, I decided to explain properly why I suspect my dad is having an affair, to give the ever-unhonest Anzu a reason to be honest. It wasn’t like I had to, but there was still time before Dad was supposed to come, and I don’t like staying still reading a book or something so I was left with time to kill.

So it’s like this: I heard him telephone a young woman. Yesterday evening, the flame of anger still hadn’t faded inside me, so I ignored my dad, who returned late from work by shutting myself in my room on the 2nd floor and read magazines, played games… when I noticed, it was already 12 o’clock. I went downstairs to brush my teeth. The lights were already off. I brushed my teeth and was in the kitchen drinking some tea when, suddenly, I heard a faint voice from dad’s bedroom, close to the entrance. I wasn’t really interested, but when I got close, I heard dad speaking with a voice that was much more tender than normal. I was momentarily irritated and thought, “How about you use that tenderness with your daughter?” However, that thought was blown away when dad called the other party’s name, clearly a first name, and even added -chan at the end. After that, he made an appointment and ended the call. I hurried back to my room.

“Are you sure she’s not a junior from work? I heard that the percentage of women is pretty high there.”

“He calls everyone at work by adding -san, so nope.”

“So you’re saying he’s going to meet her beside that clock tower. If it’s a waste of time, you’re treating me a parfait.”

“If we manage to get some proof, I’ll treat you.”

“I need repayment for my work, regardless of the outcome.”

“You never do anything without a commission system…Ah.”

While we were like this, he came.

Wearing a light blue shirt and a navy blue necktie, with an ultimately average attire, he walked up to the symbolic clock tower in front of the station. I subconsciously hid out of sight. I think my disguise is perfect, but just in case.

“Fuyu, please, don’t start crying or anything when she comes.”

“Who on earth do you think I am?”

“A fathercon who just wants to feel at ease by confirming her dad isn’t cheating.”

Ignoring such nonsense, I started watching my dad. He had a somewhat sissy look on his face; the reality that he was deceiving mom made me develop murderous thoughts.

“I wonder what kind of person she is.”

I said that without really thinking, but Anzu, the talent at saying unwelcome things inconsiderately, said, “It would be the worst if she looked like your mom when she was young.”

“I’ll kill you.”

“You shouldn’t say that you want to kill your parents.”

“No, it’s you.”

“Ah, so it’s me.”

I know it’s just a joke, but if that ended up being true, I don’t know if I could accept it; while thinking that, even though I don’t have a father complex, it soon became clear that wasn’t the case, and for the time being, I was relieved.


“What the…so young…”

Said Anzu before me. Beside the ultimately average dad, there was a girl, probably no more than 5 years apart from us. I inhaled.

“……Anzu, I’m not crying so don’t look at me.”

For now, the surprise is bigger, though it’s not like I’m shocked; I just never imagined such a young girl would come.

But, isn’t that waay too young?

While the phrase “large-age-gap-dating”came into my mind, those two exchanged a few light words and started walking towards the station. I was relieved that they didn’t go towards the close by entertainment district.

“Let’s go.”

I sank down my cap, grabbed the seemingly unenthusiastic Anzu by the arm, and left the shop.

We lowered our eyes, we passed the gates, and in the first platform, we saw them immediately. To avoid detection, we sneaked behind their backs and distanced ourselves. We decided that after we board the train, we would move to the car next to them.

“No, not in the same car as them, what are you, a child?”

“If I’m not a child, then what are you? But Anzu, more importantly, did you hear anything?”

“No, all I heard was mumbling.”

I ignored the Anzu who doesn’t seem to be able to do anything else than messing with me, and thought about how on earth would’ve that girl meet that dull dad.

Realistically speaking, I thought the line of large-age-gap-dating was improbable. If that was the case, the girl would be reluctant to travel unnecessarily. And in such broad daylight, maybe it’s a serious relationship? But then, again, how on earth did they meet? It surely can’t be one of those “fated encounters” from shoujo manga. I’ve met the people from his workplace several times, but there wasn’t anyone so young. Maybe he put his hands on a new employee. That would be the worst.

While thinking such things, the train came, and, after confirming they got on, we got on too. We moved several cars inside the train until we saw the figures of those two, seated side-by-side while looking happily into each other’s faces, on the next car over. We were lucky that the joint between cars had windows. We got seated where we could clearly see those two’s happy faces.

“They’re all lovey-dovey.”

“We still can’t assume anything.”

“Fuyu, you are the one who started this whole affair thing.”

I couldn’t say anything back to her, and then she made an exaggerated sigh.

“In the first place, why did you get yell-er, in a fight?”

She pinched my cheek. I’ll eat that finger.

Without turning her way, I recalled the fight from a few days ago.

It all started from a small thing, a tiny thing. I was watching a movie that was, by chance, airing on TV. That day, by chance, dad came home earlier than usual. While I was watching the movie on the living room’s sofa, dad started eating dinner on the table behind. And, because I’m tired of such average and boring days, I said vaguely while I watched the movie and played with my phone:

“A long life without anything happening sure is boring.”

The movie was, by chance, of that theme. I didn’t really expect a response, but dad spoke out.

“That is not true.”

Maybe even that was by chance. His tone was something close to the one of a sermon, which made some sensor in my brain react, and I retorted.

“It is boring, to live around 60 years more, without anything changing? That’s hopeless.”

I shouldn’t have said anything beyond that, there’s people who would say that. However, the one at fault here is dad, he’s the one who broke the bosom of this family. There was an extension to the phrase, so I just said it.

“Rather than continuing to live such a boring life until the end, I’d rather die a dramatic death.”


My name was called, so I looked back. Dad was looking at me with a clearly going-to-lecture-you expression. Seeing that face, no matter what is said, like probably every highschooler in the world, I was irritated.

“That it would be better to die shouldn’t be said.”

“Are you saying such boring things like because there’s people in the world who wanted to live more?”

“Yes, I am.”

“As expected, of the boring father of the boring me.”

From there on, a complete mudslinging began, and there’s no need to recall further. It eventually became a bother, so I went to my room. I heard a knocking sound from behind, but I ignored it.

If I tell all this to Anzu, she will probably start picking apart every thing, so I explained it to her shortly.

“About the meaning of life, huh?”

Even though I explained with my best smug face so she didn’t pick me apart, she responded with a surprising “huh.” Whenever the topic becomes serious, Anzu always seems to be sinking; Figuratively, of course. It’s not like she really sinks.

For a while, the sounds of the moving train enveloped us. Eventually, we reached a certain station, in which dad got up first. Apparently, he’s today’s host. It doesn’t really matter, but I wonder what kind of dates did he plan when he was dating with mom. I guess they must have been boring.

I urged Anzu, who was reading a book, and we got off the train too. Luckily, they didn’t turn back. Anzu stretched beside me.

“We came pretty far, huh?”

“Yeah, I never got off here.”

There were few people on the platform, and the station surroundings could hardly be said of being cheerful. Not absolutely so, but it really wasn’t a place suitable for dates.

“An ideal place to rent a place around that girl.”

Anzu blurted out an unpleasant thing again, as if reading my mind. If that is really the case, I’ll threaten him into giving me all the money of the rent as allowance. I won’t give Anzu any.

We followed them, putting the necessary distance between us, and passed the gates, where there was then a roundabout in front of the station. As if they sensed my concern of them taking a bus or a taxi, they ignored those transportation methods and they went up the slope just behind the roundabout. It wasn’t only them, other people were taking the same route from the station. Ahead of the slope, nothing other than an average hill could be seen.

I dragged along Anzu, who was saying unreasonable things like, “Eeeh, I don’t want to do exercise…” as we went up behind them.

“Don’t do it…I’ll die if we do exercise in such temperature…”

“You won’t die! Just by looking at you, things like genetic inheritance become nonsense.”

“I’ll die if you don’t treat me to the most expensive parfait…”

“Whoa, such expensive maintenance!”

I had quite a difficult time dragging this girl, who’s noisy and acting an unwilling expression. However, I was pretty uneasy, and I am also a noisy girl, that’s probably how we’ve managed to remain friends all this time.

Just like that, fawning at each other, we went up the slope, and I immediately started sweating. I shared a bottle of water from a vending machine with Anzu, and we climbed again. When an elderly couple filled with energy overtook us, a weird laughter welled up in our throats.

I wonder where they’re headed, going through this trouble. I learned the answer fairly immediately. Ahead the hill, there was an extensive stone staircase.

There was a parking, and a big sign for cars.

“Anzu, this is a graveyard.”

“Oh…well, a graveyard?, ah, a graveyard…”

While the heat robbed us of brain capacity, we continued climbing while vacantly looking at those two’s backs. I started hearing childish things to my side like “Carry me…” or “Piggyback me…” but I ignored it. After we pin down my dad and I invite her to a parfait, even that child should go back to normal.

When we finally reached the end of the staircase, a gentle slope spread ahead, and maybe because of the adrenaline, a new theory came to my mind.

“Maybe it’s a secret child.”

“….I don’t care anymore…”

There was a vending machine in the perfect place, as if targeting people tired from the climb. I bought a juice to the exhausted Anzu. I would feel guilty if she really died in a graveyard. Though, compared to the hill and staircase from before, this was much easier. There were graves all around, and while admiring the weird shape of some, we followed those two. Without notice, the floor became stoned. They still didn’t seem to be stopping at a grave. It was almost obon, so I thought whether that would be related. Honestly, I had started to notice. Maybe his friend died recently, and he’s going to the grave with this person’s daughter. I froze. That would be the boring conclusion, for the boring us. And I don’t want that.

Going ahead, as if the unnecessary things were shaved off, the surroundings became silent. The sound of our own footsteps reached our ears. The wind blew. When we reached a water draw, they went up some short stairs. When their figure disappeared, we also went up carefully. Maybe the wind was on our side, because their conversation flowed into our ears.

“Have you ever told your daughter?”

I don’t think she noticed us, but it shook me

“No, I thought that in good timing, but in the end, I still couldn’t tell her.”

Hearing that voice, packed with dad’s pain, A cold sweat crossed my forehead.

“Is that so…well, this may be impudent of me, but if I were the daughter, I think I would like to know. About the irreplaceable person, in dad’s life”

Hearing that, I think I could’ve ran up the stairs, and shouted “So it was something guilty after all!”. The reason I didn’t wasn’t the fatigue, I just wanted to hear dad’s response.

However, the wind, as if it liked doing pranks, turned the other way. I subconsciously looked at Anzu. She said the obvious thing.

“Why don’t you go and ask?”

“But, well…”

“I’ll go with you. It’s fine.”

My precious friend pushed my back, and I made up my mind. I would go up a few steps, and address them in a strict tone, but, it didn’t go that well.

I made eye contact with dad, who, for some unknown reason, came back. We both were surprised, and as a true parent and child, we said, with the same tone, at the same time “Uwah”. It resounded in the graveyard.

“Fuyumi, why!?”

“Hello there!”

It seems like he only noticed Anzu’s presence with that weirdly lively greeting, and he was surprised again.

Under such an unexpected development, I thought of some excuses, but I decided to go the aggressive route.

“Dad, please tell me the talk from just before.”

“Just before?…”

“What’s that about an irreplaceable person?”

Under my aggressive speech, dad seemed to think about something. As I predicted, he urged us to come up the stairs.

Following him, the girl from before was seen standing just in the middle of the graves of that section. Closing in, I confirmed that she was about our age. Knowing that she knows something, that my dad couldn’t tell me; some complicated irritation invaded my mind.

The girl was surprised, and looked at our faces. Dad conscientiously moved to the side, and started to introduce us.


Why are you hesitating, it’s just “Well, this is my daughter”. Ah, well, if she’s a secret child or his affair partner it’s natural, I guess.

“I’m sorry for such a sudden introduction, but…”

The girl made, reasonably, a wondering face.

“By coincidence? I met her there, this one here is my daughter, Fuyumi.”


For the moment, I greet her, but the girl raises her voice “Aah”. It was a surprised voice, but, strangely, in the latter half, it was mixed with a tinge of happiness.

Next, instead of introducing that girl, he pointed his finger to Anzu. Anzu, who was looking at the grave, turned to the girl.

“And, this is Anzu, Fuyumi’s childhood friend, and Kyouko-san’s oldest daughter”

“Nice to meet you. My mother’s been on your care” Said back Anzu with whatever greeting, with a rare display of good manners. The girl was surprised, again, “Aah”. It was unexpected that she knew about Kyouko, Anzu’s mother. Really, who the hell is this girl?

The girl greeted us with a respectful “Nice to meet you.” Dad, who was seeing this, finally started the introduction of this overly polite unidentified candidate of cheating partner and in suspicion of a secret child.

“This is Yamauchi Ryouka.” Ryouka, it’s the person dad was calling. But, I’ve never heard of that family name.

Dad saw my confusion, so he pointed at a grave. “She’s the daughter of the big brother of the person who’s resting on this grave.”

“Nice to meet you, I’ve been on your father’s care.” She greeted me, but, since I don’t know what kind of care exactly she was in, I was at a loss. As to not to ignore her, I responded with a “No, it’s nothing.” I look at the grave, indeed, it was written “Yamauchi Family”. Again, I don’t remember anyone by that name.

Over all the things I don’t know, I concluded one thing.

There’s no affair partner that can be introduced so stately. Secret child either.

In conclusion, it seemed that this whole thing was a waste of summer break. Anzu stealthily poked my back. It seems I’ll need to invite her to a parfait.

But, then, what?

“And, why are you two here?”

“Who’s the person resting on the grave?” If he realizes we’ve been suspecting him for cheating, and that we’ve been trailing them, it would lower our position, so I dodged that question. Of course, I’m also curious.

Dad made a troubled face, one that wasn’t because I dodged his question. For some reason, he looked at Anzu once, then at me.

I was thinking, “If it isn’t cheating or anything, then stop making such a big deal.” when an unexpected voice sounded from my side.

“Well, don’t worry, I’ve heard.” Anzu said that to him. I looked at the grave, Eh, what?, You knew?

I was shocked by her sudden betrayal.

“Anzu, what are you saying? Didn’t you say you never came here? Did you lie to me?”

“No, I’ve never been here. But, a little while ago, I got a hunch. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t lie to you with important things.” Anzu fixed her gaze at me. Well, I wonder about that.

While I was about to think things that would crack up my long-time friend, as if resigning himself, he said “Ok.”

After that, slowly, as if choosing carefully every word, dad told me the story of the person resting on that grave.

Swiftly, charging in his emotions.

After hearing the story, I broke apart.

I was shocked.

In the unknown past of my dad.

He had an unimaginable experience.

I also understood why, a couple of days ago, he tried so hard to correct me. For dad, the term “early death” was a very close reality. Not like me.

But, honestly, the thing that impacted me the most, wasn’t anything of the past, it was the fact that, to dad, that person was still very important.

I noticed by his tone and expression, that person wasn’t just a friend.

It was an unbelievable story, so I should’ve been able to be suspicious, I should’ve been able to use my smartphone to investigate about the case. Even though, I ended up trusting him. I understood that his tone and expression definitely weren’t of someone talking about an imaginary person.

As his daughter, there should’ve been many things I’ve ought to tell him. But I didn’t say them.

Instead, I said the thing that was chewing me up the most.

“Do you still like that person?”

I asked just because I wanted to know. Then, dad, after being surprised for a moment, he laughed lightly and shook his head to the side.

“I didn’t have for her the type of feelings you are imagining, Fuyumi. They weren’t feelings like those of lovers.”

“But, you weren’t exactly friends either, right?”

“We weren’t friends, neither family nor lovers. She said we got along, but I think even that’s a bit off.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Yes, probably no one understands that.”

Some indecisive words.

“Did you have the most fun when with her?”

With this mean question, from the child me, dad deepened his smile.

“…Yeah, it was fun, it was always a special time”

Ah, is that so.

“But, Fuyumi, listen.” He directed at not anyone, but me.

“I just want you to know one thing”

Now what?

“The best, is now”

With this sudden embarrassing (or not) statement, I recalled the conversation I had with dad a few days ago.

“I met your mom, you were born, and you are living cheerfully. It is a gentle everyday life, but there isn’t a time in my life where I was happier than now. I want you to know it, and to believe it.”

Dad’s words were so direct, that I was a bit crept out. I averted my eyes to the grave, and responded with an “I see.”

Without knowing how to continue the conversation, I continue looking at the grave. Then, Anzu said “Hey, If you say that much, shouldn’t’ve you come to the grave with Fuyu?”

With Anzu’s words, charged with feelings for her best friend, my eyes rounded up, and dad responded with an honest “That is really the truth.”

“I thought that I should tell you one day, but I didn’t know in what way to tell you. Fuyumi, I’m sorry.”

Even being apologized to, I didn’t know how to respond, so I said again “I see.”

While I used again the grave as an escape place, I received an explanation about Ryouka-san. Looks like they only recently started meeting directly. It also seems they met because she wanted to know about the aunt who died before she was born.

Having deprived us completely of a reason to continue fighting, we decided to visit the grave. We poured water on the grave, and put the ume liqueur that dad brought on it. I thought for a bit how he’d been a high schooler when she died. When we finished cleaning up, dad remembered something unnecessary.

“Come to think of it, really, why were you here?”

“…..To mom, I’ll tell her that you talked about a girl of the past.”

Even if that was a joke, dad made a distressed face. Normally, I would’ve laughed it off, but I didn’t know how to take in everything, so I stopped that conversation.

We went back down the hill, we got on the train, and we bid farewell to Ryouka-san in the station of the start; with the promise of eating something together sometime. I exchanged contact information with her, with the hope that maybe sometime I can use this whole thing as a funny story.

We then went to a certain station in our city, and I thought it would be time to part ways with dad, but Anzu said suddenly, “Well, I’ll get going.”

“What about the parfait? Don’t you want it?”

“Next time. For today, I’m handing Fuyu over to you, so please get along.”

Anzu stealthily poked my back, and, after making a promise for tomorrow, she got on her bicycle and went away. Anzu may have been attentive, but I thought for a bit that she shouldn’t have left us alone in this awkwardness. But that doesn’t work.

I had noticed. If I don’t lose this awkwardness now, I had a premonition that it would have a long-lasting effect.

I had come to the station by bicycle too, so dad suggested I went ahead, but I used as an excuse that I wanted him to buy me an ice cream.

The sun was coming down, and it was getting a bit cooler.

We chatted idly, pretending nothing happened. Basically, I talked about Anzu and Ryouka-san. I don’t think dad noticed, but it was just buying time.

Eventually, I ran out of topics, and the time came for me to talk about something meaningful.

But, what am I supposed to say to get rid of this awkwardness?

No, I should probably apologize here. Dad also apologized to me. It’s awkward now because I’m in debt right now.

I should apologize. Not because dad had a special experience in high school, It’s because I said such boring things.

Because I made fun of the life that he says that is happiness.

However, even wanting to say it, it seems that being parent-child is quite an inconvenient thing, while muttering “Um” or “Em”, in the end, no words came out from my mouth.

I tried my best, but in the end, it seems the awkwardness won.

As an alternative, I tried asking this.

“How did you choose your life?”

The conversation turned into my future’s theme.

“Before you thought of working in a publisher, for example, in high school, with such an incident, didn’t you think of becoming a doctor or something?”

Looks like this question hit closer to dad’s precious place in his heart than I thought.

“Well, let’s see…” He stayed silent for a while, reflecting.

“There might’ve been such an option. However, after her death, I decided not to live narrowed down by the past.”


“Because the biggest thing I learned from her, was to live accepting yourself. Thinking about what I want, and what are the important things, that is how I chose my life.”

So that’s how he got this ultimately average everyday life.

“Do you want me to choose my life like that too?”

“No, I want you to choose your own future, with your own methods. This is also only my way of thinking.”

“Is that so.” It became again a vague response.

In the end, without being able to say anything meaningful, without being able to apologize, we reached home. I went to park my bicycle as if nothing had happened.

At that point, I had given up, but when I came back, he called to me “Fuyumi.”

“Sorry, for keeping quiet until now about such an important thing.”

“…do you mean about Sakura-san?”

I thought that of course it is, but, dad shook his head.

“That your existence here is an extraordinary thing.”

What the heck.

The words that came to my mind were bad language, but at the same time, feelings that sprang up concentrated, and pushed my back gently.

“I’m sorry, too.”

It was really short. It was really short, but I was able to apologize.

And then, we came back to our average house and life.


One day of summer vacation, that was one of the first words Anzu said to me after meeting up, so I thought of calling off the parfait thing, but, honestly, with what happened yesterday, I couldn’t deny it anymore; so I decided to obediently head to the family restaurant.

“Well, wasn’t it good? Isn’t this is what they say about being a calm after the storm? Ah, do you want gum?”

“I don’t. Well, it was a good chance to think about things. And we put an end to that free spirit.”

“Well, that’s good. I bet he’ll get caught again with something similar.”

Above all, I’m glad that this childhood friend of mine who looks like she can’t live without always saying one extra unnecessary thing, is doing well.

“I thought of becoming happy.”

“Even if it’s boring?”

“Yeah. Now, I’ve started to feel like that if I prioritize my happiness, it won’t get boring.”

Having heard the story of dad, and that person in his memory, whose face nor voice I know.

“Oh, that’s right, Fuyu, can I talk about the future now?”

“Yeah, Yeah.”

“I was talking yesterday to my mom, and she gave us permission for the two-person trip of you and me of the other day.”

“Oh! The overprotected Anzu-chan has been given permission to go on a trip! Must’ve been hard getting permission.”

“Absolutely, I’m worried if they can stand a few days without their cute, cute daughter.”

“Just leave behind a stuffed toy or something.”

To us, who wherever we are, whatever we do, we get excited about new hopes for the future, a gentle wind enveloped us.

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Translation and everything else: Autotren & Everyone on the Discord Server.
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  1. Excuse me, I wanna ask about the meaning “So it was something guilty after all!” in [Hearing that, I think I could’ve ran up the stairs, and shouted “So it was something guilty after all!”]. I’ve read this sentence many times but still don’t understand. What does “it” refers to? And what do you mean about that “guilty”? Or maybe can you tell me the original sentence in Japanese? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello,
      In that moment, Fuyu misunderstands thinking that the “irreplaceable person” is the person who’s having an affair with her dad.
      So, in that sentence, “it” refers to “something her dad is doing in secret”, and “guilty” means “justly chargeable with a particular fault or error.”.
      Hope this helps.

  2. I’m a little confused on one part, is Kyoko (anzas mom) the same kyoko who was Sakura’s best friend? And if so why do they describe such a huge age gap if they were in the same class

    1. The person Haruki met is the daughter of Sakura’s sibling, Yamauchi Ryouka. Kyouko is indeed Sakura’s best friend.
      Sorry for the bad translation.

  3. a good reliefing end-of-story nutshell book that includes afterstory of their lives.

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